What is ParrotCoin?

ParrotCoin is a Digital Decentralized Cryptocurrency based on blockchain. Because of it's advanced features, easy transfers and Awareness for Parrots, ParrotCoin stands as the new digital crypto currency experience and creates awareness among the individuals.

Why ParrotCoin?

ParrotCoin is a coin made with love for Parrots. With ParrotCoins we keep our Parrot Park up and running. Here we keep our most valued Parrots which are on the edge of extinction. We try to let them breed and release their youngs in the wild again when they are grown up. This way we help the nature and keep those amazing parrots alive. With this coin you can watch our LiveCams and keep up to date with the life of our Parrots. The value of the ParrotCoin will rise up by time as there is a maximum cap available.

What can i do with ParrotCoin?

There are many things owners of ParrotCoins can do.

1. Watch livestreams of our Parrot Park.

2. A digital certificate that shows that you contribute to saving the parrot from Extinction.

3. Live updates whenever Parrots are born and Released back in the nature.

4. Follow Parrots by GPS (Experimental)

5. Get Discounts on Goodies/Gifts.

6. Get exlusive access to video's behind the scenes

7. More upcoming!

Get your coins here


Get your coins here